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TEMPer GOLD Temperature Monitoring

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TEMPer GOLD has its own FREE desktop software. It has a desktop graphing screen (see below) and it also allows you to log data which can be used in a separate graphing software package. In addition you can email an alert when the temperature gets too high or too low. DOWNLOAD THE SOFTWARE

Charts available in TEMPer GOLD software

TEMPer GOLD software also provides alerts by email. The graphic below shows the email setup screen in TEMPer GOLD.

TEMPer GOLD Email Setup

Alert thresholds are set up on the screen shown below.

TEMPer GOLD alert thresholds set up

TEMPer GOLD devices work with the standalone TEMPer GOLD software which has display and graphing capability as well as alerting limited to email. The software is included with the TEMPer GOLD device.

For more comprehensive alerting you need to use PageR Enterprise which has its own Monitored Object for TEMPer GOLD.